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Essence Nail Polish Review

It all started out during my visit to our local drugstore last weekend, and i was looking for a new nail polish as i was in the mood to get a new color and to get a base coat. So i just get one of the color i love, a base coat and a quick dry product.

I wasn’t putting in much hope initially, only thought of giving it a try, but the end result is simply amazing.

The color i’ve picked is a beautiful kind of dark purple but not too dark (if you know what i’m saying), which is a new color for me. After application, i just can’t wait to take this photo as i’m instantly in love with my nails!

As you can see in the photo below, the color is so pretty, and after applying top coat, it is so glossy and shining. I love their formula, it is so pigmented and smooth that after only first layer of application, my nails were almost perfect. Another factor that i love this is their brush is big enough to be able to finish up application on my nail in just two strokes, which is perfect for someone like me, who is not so good in applying nail polish. Normally my nails work doesn’t look 100% even or smooth enough. This nail polish solves it all. This is the very first time i’m so impressed with my own art work. Yayy~~~

And guess what it also lasts long! By comparing with the photo below which is taken today, which is after 6 days of application, it all still looks intact, only some slight chip at the end of my nails, but overall it still looks good to me. Which is amazing!!!! I’ve never had a normal nail polish that still looks this good after one week, this is definitely the first choice for me now.

#67 – love me like your do [RM7.90]

I had to get back to the drugstore to get few more of different colors the next day, as i’m totally in love with this formula now.

#11 – 4 ever young [RM7.90]


#31 – electriiiiiic [RM7.90]


#14 – do you speak love? [RM7.90]

I even get the clear one, there are days you need clean looking nails but not too dull. Some shine definitely helps.

#01 – absolute pure [RM7.90]

So, just to share with you what other products i use along in achieving my favorite nails.

First, i make sure to clean up my hand and nails area with soap and make sure my nails are completely dry before i start applying base coat. This is the one i used from Essence, which is the ultra long-lasting gel shine base coat. I believe this layer of base coat contributed well to the coloring steps afterwards.

#Essence the gel nail polish top coat [RM13.90]

Next, when base coat is completely aired dry, i start applying first layer of my Essence the Gel Nail Polish. And after the 1st layer dry out completely, i apply a second layer.

After that, it’s time for top coat. This is the Essence quick dry top coat. I believe this is the old packaging as i had this for a while now.

#Essence quick dry topcoat – RM8.90

After top coat, i applied one or two drops of this Essence express dry drops, just to help my nail polish dry up faster. This product has added almond oil, so it actually helps nourishes the nail at the same time. So voila, that’s all i did and i love the outcome.

#Essence express dry drops [RM10.90]

Sorry for the lengthy post about my new obsession on Essence’s nail polish, as i just have too much to share. I highly recommend to give it a try as it is a totally affordable product, and works like a charm!

You can get it from nearby Watsons, as i don’t think you can get it from Watson’s online store, not sure why.

Visit Essence’s official website if you wish to know more about this, and other products that they have:


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