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Hermo #612Fanta5y Sale

Hermo Malaysia is turning 5 on 12th June, and they are on sale in conjunction on this. Yayy!!!!

So i’ve been suppressing my urge of purchasing cosmetics again, as i’ve been obsessed with makeup and skin care recently and have been crazily shopping for the past few weeks.

Results: I’ve only purchased a few items i’ve been wanting to try since i encounter them from our local drugstore recently.

I receive the package like around 5 days after i’ve placed order online, included weekend, which is why i’m quite thrilled with this speed of delivery.

I’ve picked up this: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet [#09 – Happy Nude Year]. I get this at the price of RM42.88, which it comes with a promotion of buy 1 free 1!

I like this matte finish lipstick, and this is kinda “Nude”-dy color, such an easy to wear  for an everyday to-go lip product. I’ve tried it and i love the formula. It’s quite moisturizing on my lips and long lasting.

For the other 2nd free tube, it is a randomly chosen color by Hermo, and i get this.       [#15 – Red-volution]. This is some sort of a surprise for me, as this is not really my kind of color. As you can see, this is actually quite a bright pigmented red, but on the other hand it may does good as well, by giving me the chance to actually try this out. Who knows, this may actually look good on me!

Another item i’ve picked is liquid eyeliner. Nothing fancy, just trying this out as this is also on sale! This is the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner [#Wings], and i got this at the price RM14.15, instead of the normal price RM33.90. Which is quite a deal.

I’ve been using a different one from Maybelline as well, which is the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Power Black Liquid Liner, and it works perfect on me, so i’m thinking why not try the other one?

One thing that makes me happier, is that they included some small samples for me to try out.

And guess what, it is exactly the one thing i’ve been wanting to try, which is this G9 Skin 3D Volume Gum Mask. I’ve heard great reviews about this product, which it actually helps firming, whitening, and moisturizing. These all definitely hits me. So yeah, thanks Hermo. I’ll definitely try this out.

Last but not least, the other sample given is this Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo and conditioner. I’ve never tried Tsubaki products before as i’ve mostly been using salon products as my hair are quite fragile and thin. I’m not really into using drugstore shampoos since quite some time ago. But since i’ve got this, let’s give it a go, and see if it will works on me.

So that’s all for my Hermo experience. They have loads of products, and they are constantly having some good deals on. So click on the link below, to see it for yourself! Ciao~

Hermo Malaysia online store:





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